Choosing a Career?  Start Here!

As you identify the career options that are best for you, a good place to begin is a an inventory or assessment of your current interests and skills. A thorough assessment will let you see how your abilities, values and personality characteristics compare to those of people in different professions and college majors.

Free Online Career Assessment Tools from the State of Tennessee:

  • Assess Your Job Skills and Personal Skills - This free tool helps you identify your current job skills and occupations that match. You may also evalaute your personal skills, such as communications and problem-solving and discover what occupations may be of interest to you.
  • Career Exploration -- Use this database to research what careers are growing, average earnings, number of open positions in the state and what skills are needed.
  • -- This site from the state of Tennessee provides a comprehensive look at the labor market in the state, growing career opportunities, as well career assistance.  

Once you have completed an assessment and determined what fields interest you, you may want to talk to professionals in those fields to get insight and advice. You might even get practical experience to see how you like the field you’re considering through volunteer, part-time or summer jobs.

After you've identified your top two or three careers, you will want to weigh the pros and cons of each. Think about long-term opportunities and consider how your chosen career will meet your personal goals.

After you've decided on a career, develop your action plan to obtain the education and training you'll need. Tennessee's Community Colleges offer more than 480 academic programs and is a great place to jumpstart your education!