Tuition and Fees

Our tuition and fees are significantly less than four-year colleges and for-profit schools. In fact, you'll pay about 44 to 55 percent less at Tennessee's Community Colleges, so we help you obtain a college education without incurring a burden of debt that can take years to pay back after graduation. Financial aid is available to help cover tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and other education related expenses.

What are Tution & Fees?

Students at each campus pay mandatory fees to support student activities, athletics, cultural opportunities, and other unique projects and programs. Those fees vary from institution to institution and are paid by all students regardless of the number of hours they take. Maintenance fees are the charges based on credit hours for in-state students. For example, a student pays a flat rate for the first 12 hours of class credits and a discounted rate for any additional hours. Most academic programs require students to complete at least 15 hours a semester to finish on time. Out-of-state students are required to pay tuition in addition to maintenance fees. The combined cost of these fees or tuition result in the total price a student must pay.

2012-2013 Tuition & Fees

Total mandatory AND maintenance fees/tuition for students taking 15 hours per semester.

Your cost will vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of hours you take, the amount of grant-based aid you may qualify for (federal Pell grants), scholarships recived, etc.  Also – please note that these dollar amounts do not include the cost for books and supplies or any special lab fees.

Each instituion has a Net Price Calculator, which factors in not only tuition and fees but other expenses you can expect to incur while you're in college, including, books, supplies and even living expenses like room and board (housing and meals).

Institution Tuition & Fees/year
Chattanooga State $4153
Cleveland State $4127
Columbia State $4099
Dyersburg State $4127
Jackson State $4113
Motlow State Community College $4129
Nashville State $4053
Northeast State $4115
Pellissippi State $4167
Roane State $4131
Southwest Tennessee $4143
Volunteer State $4105
Walters State $4116