Financial Aid

Many sources of financial aid are available to help you manage the cost of tuition and fees, books and supplies and other related expenses. Financial assistance may include:

  • Tennessee Promise -- Beginning with the class of 2015, all graduates of a Tennessee high school are eligible to attend community college for two years tuition-free, regardless of income.   
  • Scholarships – Awards of financial aid made on various criteria, including merit or need, that do not have to be repaid.
  • Grants – Another form of financial aid that doesn't have to be repaid; typically awarded to students with financial need.
  • Loans – Money you borrow for your education that must be repaid.
  • Work-Study – Money you earn for your education by working in an office on the campus of an institution.

There are also specific educational benefits available for veterans, service members and their families.

Most financial aid sources in Tennessee use a single application form called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or "FAFSA", to determine the amount of money each student is eligible to receive. Print the application or apply online at

The free publication Funding Your Education: The Guide to Federal Student Aid tells you about the federal student aid programs from the U.S. Department of Education and how to apply for them.