Why Community College?

At Tennessee’s Community Colleges, you’ll have a clear path to success, whether you wish to start your career as soon as possible or continue your education at a university. Our students receive quality education and strong academic foundations that build confidence, as they learn from highly skilled instructors who are committed to student success.

We give you options.
Tennessee’s Community Colleges offer 480 fields of study, from nursing and engineering to culinary arts and business. Whatever your interest, we have a program that will prepare you for a satisfying career doing something you love. Many programs will even get you there sooner, through structured learning classes that allow you to complete your studies in as little as a year. Or, you may choose to continue your studies at a university. With Tennessee Transfer Pathways, you’ll be assured that all your credits will transfer with you as you pursue a bachelor’s degree. 

We're dedicated to your success.
Instructors at Tennessee Community Colleges are the same high-quality professors found at universities. They include Ph.D.s and professionals with years of real-world experience in their fields -- and they are devoted to helping students succeed. With smaller class sizes, students receive more personal attention from their instructors who are available to answer questions and provide the sort of hands-on education not often found in larger university settings.

We're close to you.
Collectively, Tennessee’s 13 community colleges have more than 65 campuses across Tennessee, making attending class convenient. Not only are we close to home, but we can help you get a jump on college with early and dual admissions programs for high school students and even online classes.

We save you money.
Community college tuition and fees are about half what you'd pay at a public four-year university, and significantly less than private colleges and for-profit institutions. Even if you plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you can save thousands of dollars by completing your core classes at a community college and transferring to the university of your choice as a junior.

Whether you just want to take a few classes, get a technical certificate, enhance your career or get an associate’s degree before transferring to a four-year school, we offer an outstanding collegiate experience while providing the convenience and security of home. We're your community.

Is Community College Right for You?

A community college education prepares you to go directly into the workforce or to continue your post-secondary education at a four-year school. Our programs also help those already employed to upgrade their skills, help students improve basic academic proficiency and explore other personal interests.

One of Tennessee's Community Colleges may be right for you if:

  • You're interested in a career in a specialized, technical field that doesn't require a four-year degree.
  • You want a quality education with little or no student debt.
  • You want to complete your freshman and sophomore years at an affordable, high-quality college that's close to home and then transfer to a four-year school.
  • You thrive in small classes with personal attention from caring faculty and staff.
  • You want to learn from teachers with hands-on experience in their field.
  • You have work or family responsibilities and need flexible options close to home.
  • You need to strengthen your academic skills in math, science, reading or writing to help with college coursework.
  • You're not sure what field to pursue and you want to explore programs to find the career that's right for you.