Governance of Tennessee's Community Colleges is provided by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR). Led by acting Chancellor David Gregory, the TBR system consists of 46 institutions, including 13 community colleges, six state universities and 27 technology centers.

With a combined annual enrollment of more than 200,000 students, the TBR system is the sixth largest system of public higher education offering classes in 90 of Tennessee's 95 counties.

The mission of the TBR system is to educate more Tennesseans to provide Tennessee with the workforce it needs for sound economic development.

Within the TBR system, Tennessee's Community Colleges is the state's unified system of 13 two-year colleges and is led by Dr. Warren Nichols, Vice Chancellor for the Community Colleges. Dr. Nichols is utilizing his experience as a first-generation college graduate and developer of workforce programs to shape the future of community colleges within the TBR system through two major initiatives: improving access to underserved populations and economic empowerment through innovative programs.